Friday, 15 October 2010


I am not cut out for blogging. So I'm going to stop blogging here. Mostly. I might occasionally post something, but I wouldn't count on it.
However, I have a new blog. I don't intend on updating it much. It's mostly my own notes and things I've written and things people have said. Just a place to keep stuff. Feel free to follow it, but don't expect ALL THE WORDS EVER.

About Me

'Audrey was born as a muffin in the early 20's. After nearly eight decades of staying the same age, she moved to London and was declared a fully grown human. She is an artist and also chocolate flavoured.' -Bekki Lisciandro • 'Like a lizard on prozac' -Sophia Moss • '[] a brilliant exploration of themes that reveals an intelligent stream of consciousness through a varied and engaging gallery of work. I was captivated, amused and driven to want to return to this site.'