Saturday, 13 March 2010

London (Will is the ultimate hero.)

I'm in London. I caught the bus down from Carlisle on Thursday to spend Mother's Day with my mum. The bus trip was meant to take 8 hours or something but it ended up taking closer to 9.
I don't mind long bus trips. I can handle them better than the 3 hour train trips. I can read or I can stare out the window...I don't know why that is, I guess trains just aren't as comfortable to me.
Also when we were at a rest stop place some guy stopped me and went 'I saw your drawings! You are a good drawer!' (yes, a drawer. It was still nice!) because I had been sketching a bit on the bus.
I finally got to Victoria station and met my mum and after a quick and unhealthy fast food dinner, we went home. Will was asleep but he woke up and gave me some tired hugs and was generally adorable. He's 7 in May but he still looks like a squishy little baby to me. Also apparently at school, a teacher was asking them to come up with animals starting with D and his answe was 'demon' and once he asked for a drink of water and the teacher said no and he said 'I'm not long for this world!' and asked how she would explain it to his mum when he died.
I'm pretty proud of him.
Yesterday I met up wit Lucy at Angel tube station and this girl I knew when I was 9 showed up. She was on her way to college, but it was still odd to be at that station waiting for Lucy and then to have someone I haven't actually seen in a couple of years (I think the last time I did was just after I moved back to England and I think that was about 3 years ago) just like...appear. So odd.
Lucy was going to an Emilie Autumn concert that I had missed out on getting a ticket for but I still wanted to hang out with her. So I spent most of the day in the line for it. It was still good, however. I got a free muffin and a cookie and a lollipop and a tiny little brownie. It was a nice queue.
THEN I went over to Shepherds Bush to hang out with Paloma. We were waiting for a couple of her friends to show up and I had a look at some of her art and she looked at my pathetic sketchbook that I've only been using for about a week so it pretty much has the same two things that I've been experimenting with over and over and we had tea and meringues and lemon tart. Her friends showed up and we all chatted a bit and had some lasagna and then I went back to my family's house, to sleep. I walked there in the dark, it was past 10pm and the area my family lives in makes doing such a thing feels uncomfortable and scary. But I survived!
Today, my mum isn't home, but when she is, we're going to watch 'Black Books'.
I'm going home on Thursday which is also my brother Erik's 15th birthday.

Friday, 5 March 2010

DNA, baby, that spells DNA.

My best friend Bekki and I sometimes make each other folders of funny/pretty pictures to send to each other and sometimes we make folders of our favourite songs and swap them. Bekki has really wonderful taste in music. I'm not going to bother listing everything she sent me, but here are my 3 favourites:

That Spells DNA- Jonathan Coulton
I only know who Jonathan Coulton is because of the song 'Still Alive' at the end of the game 'Portal' (first video game I ever completed fully. Because it fucking rocks). This song is great. 'DNA, baby, that spells DNA'....I think that line just makes it awesome alone.

Rabbit Fur Coat- Jenny Lewis with the Watson Twins
This is the prettiest damn song I have heard in the longest time. It's beautiful.

Chick Habit- April March
I already knew this song (who doesn't know this song? Seriously?) but I didn't have it and now I'm glad I do.

As I said, I also sent her a few songs. I sent her 12 of my favourite songs. Here are my 3 favourite songs. Because...why not?

Elephant Gun- Beirut
This is one of those things where I forget I had a song and then someone mentioned it to me the other day and I've barely been able to stop listening to it since. It's a beautiful song and I love the video so much.

Through The Roof 'n' Underground- Gogol Bordello
This song is BRILLIANT. I first heard it watching 'Wristcutters: A Love Story'. It's only played like...a billion fucking times over the course of the film.
(also 'Wristcutters' is a beautiful film. Please see it. At least look up the trailer.)

I also uploaded a bunch of pictures I've done recently earlier. So I'll probably post them tomorrow. One of them is my header at the moment though, so there you go.
Also if we're friends on Facebook, you can go see them now anyway.
And if we're not friends on facebook...Why not? My feelings are so hurt.


Tuesday, 2 March 2010


Went to Derry in Northern Ireland on Thursday, came back yesterday.
Got to go on a ferry. Twice, even.
It was pretty good.
Then there was a long bus ride which was rescued by Johnny playing some songs I didn't know from his mp3 player to me and mouthing the words along and being silly.
The trip itself was pretty good. Got a piggyback across some water because the other way across was stepping stones and I was scared that if I tried to cross them, I'd fall in...and so would my bag, containing my phone, iPod, moleskine, camera...General things that you don't want to give a bath to. Amusingly, the first attempt at the aforementioned piggyback ended in me falling off, which seemed like a bad omen but it worked out fine.
Managed to get two cups of tea, a pastry and a bowl of chips for about a fiver. Something I've never accomplished in England...
I took some photos but I don't have a digital camera and still use film blah blah blah...I need to get with the times, once that roll is full, I'll get it developed and upload some pictures.

Had an appointment early this morning and nearly froze to death. Got to sit across from a woman and mumble and get confused and things like that.
Then found out that the details associated with my library card were WRONG. Got them fixed.
It's been an exciting day. Not.
But I did get a fair bit done and it's only midday in 10 minutes so I'm not displeased with how it's going.

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